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Corys wants to help electrical contractors provide products with a better impact on human health and our environment.

Working with its suppliers, Corys identifies products including one or several added value in their components:

  • Materials that save lives (e.g: halogen-free cables, retarding flames and giving more time for people to escape in case of fire)
  • Materials that are ethically sourced, relying on proven labels (e.g: better PVC initiative, conflict-free metals, etc.)
  • Recycled materials that help reduce resources depletion
  • Renewable energy products that help reduce the use of fossil fuels in the electricity we need
  • Products complying with green building standards supporting healthier living conditions (GreenStar, HomeStar, Living Building Challenge, etc.)
  • Products locally produced to support work in NZ and reduce transport-related emissions

See our range of Eco-Friendly products below, stay tuned for updates and please share your feedback on products you feel belong in this category.