Description • Elegant design • Simple one-button user interface • Modular design compatible with 600 series mounting grids • Multiple colour choices included • Stylish LED operating status indicator light • 32 Preset timer settings ranging between 15sec to 120min • Three operating modes, including delay from switch on with manual override; delay from switch on with no override; delay from switch off (after unit has been indefinitely switched on). In all modes, unit can be manually switched off at any time. • 3A current carrying capacity • Compatible with external relay for increased capacity; recommend PDL™ 600RM Relay Module • Three flying leads (Active, neutral and load) for versatile installation capability
SKUs 0000553317
Basic colourWhite
Colour rangeWhite
Supplier PDL
Supplier Part #(s) PDL648TM
Pack Size 1

Assembly arrangementBasic element
Basic colourWhite
Nominal voltage240V
Frequency range50Hz to 50Hz
Rated current3A
Colour rangeWhite

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